Dashboard: Understanding My Personal Info

The My Personal Info box on the Dashboard allows you to access your personal information.

In the My Personal Info box, you have access to the following four items:

  1. My Profile: by selecting this option, you can review your contact info, salary info, and vacation/sick time balances etc. Follow the Edit My Profile in BeyondPay article to update your profile when needed.
  2. My Pay Statements: this link takes you to all of your pay statements. If you can't find the one that you are looking for, change the date range and hit Refresh Data to load the pay statements.
  3. My Tax Information: this link shows you your current tax settings. If you'd like to update your tax withholdings, follow the Submitting W4 and State Withholding Forms in BeyondPay article to submit a new W4 and/or state withholding form(s).
  4. My Documents: this link takes you to the documents related to your employment, including offer letter, PFL waiver etc.

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