Onboarding Workforce Admin: Kickoff Meeting & Next Steps

Kickoff Meeting

The kickoff meeting is the major data collection point for everything you need for BeyondPay configuration, and other important stuff like insurance policies and benefit plans materials. Every step is laid out in the onboarding checklist in a straightforward action-item style manner so just follow through the steps in the checklist at the kickoff meeting.

In the Payroll Conversion Template, most of the data is linked directly from the Employee Roster tab. Member only has access to the Employee Roster tab, Payroll Deduction Tab, and the PTO Balance tab. This is to make sure that the other tabs (the ones that we send through DocuSign for signatures) will not be accidentally edited by member.
Before the meeting starts, print a copy of BeyondPay Laser Signature Form so that you have it handy to collect signatures.

In a nutshell, the follow workflow works naturally for the kickoff meeting:

  1. Review the member onboarding folder and organize the workforce documents before the kickoff.
  2. Start the kickoff meeting with reviewing the Employee Roster tab in the Payroll Conversion Template with member. This may reveal a lot of important information in this conversation, such as scheduled raises, potential new hires/terminations, and scheduled paid and/or unpaid leave, etc. If the member has hourly employees, discuss how we collect timesheets and approvals for payroll.
  3. Move on to the Payroll Deduction tab. This is where you can discuss the current benefit plans with member, and confirm deduction amounts and reporting methods (if needed). Sometimes they would bring up things like they want to switch benefit providers etc. so just jot down the notes.
  4. Then, review the Payroll Conversion tab. It's a very confusing step. If the member is on a monthly or semi-monthly pay schedule, explain that the bi-weekly gross will be less than what they are used to receive per-paycheck but the annual amount stays the same.
  5. Move on to the Pay Schedule Conversion tab. This is usually the most confusing step if the member is not already on a bi-weekly payroll schedule.
    1. Start with confirming the final payroll schedule with the member.
    2. Discuss if a transition pay period is needed. A couple factors may affect the decision - which payroll group is better for ArtsPool (thinking about load balancing my friend), when is the next payroll processing day, if the gap between the final pay date and the next pay date is too long, etc. Discuss in details with member, and nail down the new payroll schedule in this step. This may take some time for the member to think through so just be patient.
    3. Explain that we will send individual screenshot to employee to let them know about the pay schedule change.
For the current service agreement, we start processing payroll for a new member at a quarter-start, which means they may be responsible for running a couple payrolls after the service start date. It is a cleaner cut for payroll processing as the legacy payroll service will file their final quarterly filing for the member, and is mentally easier to understand pay schedule transition for the new member.
  1. Review the PTO Balance tab. This is where the member tells you if they are tracking PTO and what PTO policies they have. Confirm how they would like to track it going forward.

Phew, at this point you are half way through the kickoff meeting! After reviewing the payroll conversion template, make sure to bring up that the ED (or whoever is responsible for managing this transition) will need to DocuSign the following documents:

  • Payroll Conversion Confirmation
  • Pay Schedule Conversion Confirmation
  • Payroll Deductions Confirmation (if they have payroll deductions)
  • PTO Balance Confirmation (if they are tracking PTO)

The first three documents will be sent within a week of the kickoff meeting, and the PTO Balance Confirmation will be sent closer to the quarter-end just so that we have the most up-to-date balances.

  1. Now, you can move on to BeyondPay's Getting Started Form. Simply follow through the questionnaire and submit the form online. BeyondPay updates the form once in a while so you might be surprised some time... just a heads up. The basic services you need is Payroll and GL Integration ($10 per payroll). Depending on the member's needs, they may need TLM Essentials (Time & Labor Management) (for those that just need clock-in and clock-out) or TLM Premium (Time & Labor Management) (for those that need to track hours by programs and activities). A couple of things you need to know when filing out the Getting Started Form:
    1. You do not need to select Workers' Compensation service unless the member is calculating WC premiums and submitting payments through BeyondPay every payroll. It is unlikely that the AP members will need it. The WC policy set up is included in the payroll module already.
    2. You should set yourself and the member-workforce@artspool.co as the Primary Authorized Contact so that you'll receive a copy of the GSF in email, and will be the primary contact for configuration and all that.
    3. Use the ED as the Company Officer or Owner.
    4. Use the Board Treasurer when asked to provide a list of all owners/officers.
    5. When asked about printing for physical checks, pick Signed checks (Laser Signature Form Required) and have the member bank signor sign the form before they leave the kickoff meeting.
    6. I don't know why BeyondPay needs it but they ask you for the contact info for the WC insurance agent. Usually it takes the member some time to find the contact. Use your AP email and phone if the member couldn't find the contact for their agent, and scroll back up to #16 Notes & Additional Information to leave a note that this is not real contact.
    7. Toward the very end of the form where it asks you about maximum payroll amount, just give an estimate in the ballpark.
    8. Ask the member if they would like to receive a copy of BeyondPay's TERMS AND CONDITIONS. We have a cleaned up Google Doc version that we can share.
    Just keep in mind that the form may be updated time to time, so use your best judgement if you see something that's not called out in the article.
  2. Once the GSF is submitted, ask the member to sign the BeyondPay Laser Signature Form.
  3. Review the BeyondPay <> ArtsPool Payroll Pre-Discovery Checklist with member.
The most important thing to accomplish in this step is to confirm the bank account for payroll, and collect the quarterly tax filings (if they haven't provided it in the onboarding folder), and the WC policy and codes.
  1. Collect the items on the onboarding checklist (also shared with members in the kickoff email).
  2. Have the member set up a user account for ArtsPool - you need reporting access to download quarterly filings and payroll registers. Complete the account setup and test it right away.
Use the following credentials: first name: ArtsPool, last name: Services, email: member-workforce@artspool.co, phone: your Google number, SS#: 472664802 (ArtsPool's EIN).
If the member is not able to add you as a user, ask the member to share their admin login with you.
  1. Remind the member to cancel their legacy payroll services ONE MONTH after the quarter ends. Reasons being we will need to pull some reports after the legacy payroll files the quarterly filings and as well as the final billing from the legacy payroll.
  2. Remind the member that they will receive a DocuSign from BeyondPay in the next few days to sign the ACH Agreement, and Form 8655 to authorize BeyondPay as the reporting agent (so that they can file tax returns and payments on behalf of the member).

THAT IS IT! Try to collect all the documents you need at the kickoff meeting. It's OK that you don't get everything on this day, it is just a little difficult to get it from the member later.

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