Approving timesheets in BeyondPay

Employees should submit their timesheets no later than 5:00PM on the day before payroll is processed (i.e. submit timesheets by 5:00PM on Monday). If the timesheets are not submitted for approval by this time, they are auto-submitted on Monday night.

Timesheets are not auto-approved. A manager will still need to go into BeyondPay to complete that step.

To approve an employee's timesheet, follow the instructions below (this is only available for members who have the TLM - Time & Labor Module in BeyondPay):

  1. Go to your BeyondPay Dashboard, and select Timesheets By Pay Period from the Payroll box.
  2. On the next screen, you will have a list of all employee timesheets for a specific pay period. You can adjust the pay period dates by using the filter dropdowns and arrows (orange box).

  1. For the employee whose timesheet you want to approve, select the pencil icon on their row.
  1. When you are in the timesheet, it will look like one of the two versions below (depending on your TLM setup):
    1. Version A:
    1. Version B:
  2. Review the employee's hours on this screen. Any corrections that need to be made can be done here, but make sure to hit Save (green box) afterward.
  3. Once you have confirmed that the timesheet data is correct, select Approve (green box). If the employee needs to make corrections themselves, then you should select Reject (green box), and it will be sent back to them.
The employee will need to re-submit their timesheet after the corrections are made.
  1. After approval, the timesheets are ready for your Workforce Lead to add into payroll. No further action is needed by you unless requested by the Workforce Lead.

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