Members of ArtsPool, LLC

As of June 5, 2019:

Class D Member:

Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York

Class A Members:


Big Dance Theater

Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance

CABD (Camille A. Brown & Dancers)

Eyebeam Atelier, Inc.

FAB (Fourth Arts Block)

The 52nd Street Project

House Foundation for the Arts


The Laundromat Project

LEAP (Learning through an Expanded Arts Program)

The MAP Fund

National Black Theatre

New York Classical Theatre

People's Theatre Project

Present Theatre Company

Queens Council on the Arts

Recess Activities

Spaceworks NYC

SAY (Stuttering Association for the Young)

Theatre of the Oppressed NYC

Young Audiences New York

Class C Members:

Abby Felder

Joshua Cohen

Khalilah Smith

Maxwell Dana

Megan Runyan

Molly Hickok

Sam Doyon

Sarah Maxfield

Stephanie Jauch

Tommie Mitchell

Waqar Ahsan

Yi-Chen Lai

Class B Membership is currently an inactive membership class.

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