Offboarding member employees from ArtsPool systems

The following steps should be taken after the member employee's last day of work.

Deactivate the employee’s ArtsPool app account

Currently this must be done manually in the database. For instructions, see ArtsPool Ops Manual: Technology: ArtsPool Web Application Operations.

Remove employee access to all files in Google Drive

It’s important to remove access from files stored in ArtsPool’s Google Drive since we cannot be sure that a member will lock an employee out of their email account immediately. The easiest way to to this is via a Google Apps Script since Google Drive does not provide an easy way to globally remove access for a particular user outside of the ArtsPool domain.

  1. Open the Google Doc Google Apps Script for removing users from Google Drive
  2. Select Script editor from the Tools menu.
  3. In the line of the script listed below, enter the user’s email address in the quotes.
    var email = "ENTER EMAIL ADDRESS HERE"
  4. Click the Save icon.
  5. Click the Run icon to run the script. The script will generate a log of all files and folders that it changes permissions on along with any errors and output the log in the body of the Google Doc in step 1.
  6. If the script times out, run it as many times as necessary. When an employee has access to a lot of files, this manual process can take a long time. Google Apps scripts time out after 6 minutes.
  7. Review the log for any errors and address them.
  8. Reset the document and script by reverting the line of the script that you changed in step 3 and deleting the log data from the Google Doc.

Change access to payroll system

If the employee has any access to the payroll system other than to their own information, change their permissions so that they can only see their own pay stubs and employee info.

Remove the employee from Xero (if applicable)

If the employee had access to Xero, remove their access.

  1. From the member's Xero organization, click on the member name at the top.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Users.
  4. If the employee has Payroll employee listed under their name on the list of users, leave their account active so they can access historical pay stubs but remove all permissions by clicking the meatball menu next to their name and selecting Change permissions.
  5. If the employee does NOT have Payroll employee listed under their name on the list of users, click the meatball menu next to their name and select Delete [User Name].

Deactivate account in ArtsPool Cabana Slack team

From ArtsPool Cabana, select Administration from the top left menu and then select Manage Members. Locate the user account on the list, click the meatball menu (three dots) on the right, and select Deactivate account.

Unsubscribe employee from “ArtsPool Staff and Members” Mailchimp list

The Communications Team does a fresh import of ArtsPool app users before each Attention Swimmers and manually unsubscribes anyone who has been deactivated in the prior month, so this step should happen without any further action.

Have the member change their 1Password master password

It’s recommended that the member change the master password for any 1Password account used by the outgoing employee. Make sure that they also redownload or update their printed copy of their Emergency Kit and communicate the new password to other staff who use that 1Password account.

It is also recommended to review all password entries for the member to ensure that no accounts are associated with the former employee’s email address.

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