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Position purpose

ArtsPool is governed by four committees: Finance, Membership, Operations, and Steering. ArtsPool staff who are Class C members of the LLC are entitled to elect 2 members to each Committee except Steering; Steering is composed of two representatives from each of the other three Committees, with no less than 50% of the Committee being Class C.

The easiest way to meet the Steering Committee composition requirements is for each of the other Committees to send one Class C and one Class A or D representative to Steering, but it's not technically required to do this.

The responsibilities of the committees are specified in other articles:

This article outlines the responsibilities specifically of Class C members to the Committees on which they serve.

Team roles

Committee roles

Each Committee meeting has a Chair, who creates, distributes, and follows the agenda for the meeting; and a Note-Taker, who documents what is said and done at the meeting, later turning their notes into official minutes for the committee's approval.

Historically, the Chair has been the Class C member who is Team Lead on the parallel ArtsPool operations team, and the Note-Taker has been the other Class C member. However, there is no requirement that either of these roles be filled by Class C members, and the governance Committees have recently begun efforts to rotate the Note-Taker position in particular among all classes of Committee members.

Governance management

This role is currently a function of ArtsPool's internal Operations Specialist. The responsibilities of this role include:

  • Tracking governance Committee meeting schedules and ensuring quarterly meetings occur for each Committee.
  • Finalizing meeting minutes for approvals and maintain governance files.
  • Maintaining schedules of Committee members with terms and approval requirements.
  • Coordinating and documenting Committee elections as required.
  • Drafting and processing Unanimous Written Consents as required, with input from outside counsel.
  • Coordinating communications from governance Committees to full membership as required.
  • Facilitating access to and learning around ArtsPool’s governance structure, corporate policies, and their application.
  • Coordinating with legal counsel as required.

Committee responsibilities of Class C representatives


  • On a quarterly basis, conduct a poll of the Committee's membership to find a mutually agreeable time to meet.
  • In consultation with the Committee's parallel ArtsPool operations team, create an agenda for the meeting.
  • One week before the agreed time of the meeting, distribute the agenda, along with the previous meeting's minutes and any other materials for review, to the Committee.
  • After the meeting, follow up with the Note-Taker to ensure that minutes are generated from the notes in a timely fashion.

Finance Committee

  • At each meeting of the Finance Committee, the Class C members should present a budget update to the Committee, highlighting any variances from the budget that require Committee attention or approval.
  • At the Q4 meeting, present the next year's budget for approval.
  • During each fiscal year, lead the Committee in reviewing member fee structures.
  • Seek Committee approval and input on other finance topics as indicated by the ArtsPool Finance or Operations Team.
  • Follow up with the ArtsPoll Finance Team on any questions left unanswered in the Committee meeting.

Membership Committee

  • At each meeting of the Membership Committee, update the Committee as to the status of the member development pipeline.
  • In between meetings, coordinate with the Membership Development team to secure Committee approvals of new members.
  • Work with the Committee to activate current ArtsPool members to promote ArtsPool membership to other organizations.
  • Seek Committee approval and input on other topics as indicated by the Member Development or Operations Team.

Operations Committee

  • During each fiscal year, lead the Committee in reviewing and approving ArtsPool policies.
  • During each fiscal year, lead the Committee in reviewing and approving the ArtsPool business plan.
  • Seek Committee approval and input on other topics as indicated by the Operations Team.

Steering Committee

One Class C member of each Committee presents a report to the Steering Committee of their Committee's most recent meeting, using the draft minutes from the meeting as a basis for a summary.

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