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Member folder structure

To make it easier for ArtsPool managers to work across multiple member accounts, we use a standard folder tree structure for each member's documents in Google Drive. These trees will diverge significantly past the first two levels, but we try to maintain the 'canonical' format at the top two levels so that managers know where to look for particular documents. To familiarize yourself with this structure, see the Example Company folder in Google Drive.

Sharing Folders

The top level company folder should be shared with the member's ArtsPool team and the primary contact at the member organization. Sharing with the primary member contact ensures that there is complete transparency into the work ArtsPool is doing on the member's behalf and facilitates the transfer of file ownership in the event that a member decides to leave ArtsPool.

Subfolders are shared with other ArtsPool and member staff as needed to get work done. Permissions flow downward through the folder tree, so granting access to a particular folder will also grant access to all subfolders that it contains. Please exercise caution when sharing the Workforce folder as sharing the top level folder will also share the employee subfolders. As a general rule, the top-level Workforce folder should only be shared with the member's ArtsPool team and the primary member contact.

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