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ArtsPool Pooled 401k Annual Data Request

Keystone (the third party administrator for ArtsPool's pooled retirement plan) has a year-end data collection process for plan year ending 12/31. They will send an email with a link to the web portal to login and enter the data.

Like many of our processes, you will gather data for the member to review; once the member has approved, you will submit the data to Keystone.

Keystone will use this data to file Form 5500 for our members who participate in the Alerus pooled plan.

Create a copy of the TEMPLATE for your member

  1. Make a copy of this template for your member and label it YEAR Keystone year-end data collection (401k) - MEMEBER NAME
  2. Save the spreadsheet to the following folder in Drive: Workforce > Benefits > Alerus > YEAR

Login to the Keystone Benefits Group Portal

  1. Login to the website, as directed in the email:
  2. Enter all data for the Steps General, Company, Principals, Family, Businesses, Contact, Plan into the Keystone portal and Save AND to the Questions tab of the YEAR Keystone year-end data collection (401k) - MEMBER NAME spreadsheet
If you have completed a census in prior years, much of the information in these Steps will be pre-filled in the portal. If so, copy the data from the portal in to the spreadsheet for member to review. Highlight any questions. If you have not previously completed a census, enter the data in the portal and the spreadsheet to the best of your knowledge for the member to review before you submit. Highlight any questions.

Export Data

  1. Export Report from Beyond Pay in My Reports - My Saved Reports - Saved As Name: Keystone census data
  2. Copy data to the Employees tab of the YEAR Keystone year-end data collection (401k) - MEMBER NAME spreadsheet

Create a Task for Member Review and Approval

  1. Create a task called Keystone Census YEAR to link the spreadsheet and review the data with the member
Suggested language:

I have prepared data to report to Keystone as part of their annual compliance review now that the 2023 retirement plan year has ended. I've prepared the data in this spreadsheet.

Please review both tabs and let me know of any changes or questions you have. In the "Questions" tab, please review any highlighted cells. In the "Employees" tab, the data is from BeyondPay, but please feel free to review.

Once you review and approve, I'll submit this data to the portal.Review any questions or changes with the member

Submit Data in the Keystone Portal

  1. Update the data in the portal with any changes that the member has made
  2. In the Employees Step, Import your final spreadsheet as an xls file
When exporting your spreadsheet from Google Sheets to xls, be sure to ONLY export the Employees tab or copy and paste as needed to only include Employee data starting with the Header line (otherwise you will get errors when Importing to Keystone)

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