Bulk Bill Approval Process

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The Bulk Approval Process was created so that Members could approve multiple payments with one click, instead of approving 10, 20 or 50 individual approval tasks. The Bulk Approval Process is for use when the Member provides the FOT with a list of payments for a single account/program, such as a list of Grants, a list of Panelists, or a list of Artist Payments . It is not to be used to amalgamate approvals for individual invoices with various account, program or activity codes.
An example of a complete Bulk Approval is posted below.


Create the Bulk Approval Bill in Xero

The Vendor will be Bulk Approval - [Program Name]

The account code will be Exchange

The Documentation will be the list and/or a PDF of the app task from the Member

The Description is per FOT Choice

Submit the bill to the app

Here's a sample:

Prep the Bulk Approval Comment for the App Task

If a member has many Bulk Approvals, it is useful to have a Bulk Approval Tab as part of the member's Bulk Payment sheet. You can find a sample of a Bulk Approval Tab in the Template - Bulk [Member] Payments on the drive.

Per the sample below, enter the coding for the bulk approval in column B - it then populates into Column G, which contains your standard Bulk Approval comment.

The content in the Bulk Approval Tab can be adapted per your Member(s) and their needs. For example, not all Members will need the Pay From information

Below the approval note, create a list of payments.

This can be created by:

- copying and pasting from the list the member provided,

- mapping information from the relevant tab on your bulk payment sheet, or

- via any another process that is efficient for you.

TIP: It is good to have the list be numbered.

Building the bulk approval in the app

Using CRTL-C, copy the approval comment only from Col G in the Bulk Approval Set Up Tab and paste it into a comment in the Bulk Approval Task in the app.

After the note is posted, keep the comment open as you will also need to paste in the list of individual payments

NOTE: This is done in a comment rather than the task description, because for auditing purposes, the items being approved should not be editable. It is therefore important to make sure that the information being posted is accurate before the comment is posted.


Go to the list in your Google Sheet

Copy your list using the CTRL C Command

Go to the Table Generator in Markdowns

Select File>Paste Table Data

Using CRTL V copy the table into the Generator

You can paste with formatting, but most formatting does not hold, so simply select Load

The Table is now pasted into the Generator.

As you can see, the formatting is a bit wonky so (unfortunately) the FOT will need to tweak the table in this window. Using the prompts, feel free to re-align column C and/or make any other revisions. Cells can be individually edited as well.

Tick off all the boxes, per the sample below

Once you are satisfied

Select Generate (this is important, if you don't hit generate before you copy, the Generator won't copy your changes)

Select Copy to Clipboard

NOTE: Until you get used to the Table Generator it is advisable to open a blank task and using CTRL V, paste the table into it a comment to see how it will look.

TROUBLESHOOTING If the text in your columns is too close, go back to the Table Generator and insert columns, put dash marks in the header. This will keep the text separated.

Go back to the open comment in your bulk approval task

Using CTRL V paste the table into the comment

Post the comment

Link the submission task to the Bulk Approval

Provide Documentation as needed in the Documents tab

Add Staffers as per the Member Protocol

Add the Approver


Pay the bulk approval via a credit note coded to exchange

Import the individual bills into Xero (you can also import the individual bills into Xero and keep them in drafts at the time you set up the Bulk Approval - FOT's choice)

TIP: It is a good idea to include a standard reference item in the imported bills. In this way you can select by the standard reference and double check that the total of the individual bills equals the total of the Bulk Approval.

Submit the individual bills to the app (NOTE: Don't APPROVE the bills, SUBMIT the bills)

Link the individual bills to the Bulk Bill approval

Close the individual bills

Pay the individual bills


Using the table created in the Bulk Payments sheet on the drive, add the payment information to the list

Using the Markdown Table generator create a new table

Copy and paste the table into the app task with a comment per the sample below (apologies that I could not use the same data set for all the examples):

Close the task

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