Google Drive

​Google Drive tips and tricks

The Drive interface. Google Drive's folder system is similar to the behavior of a desktop operating system's folders. Single clicking a file or folder selects it, and double clicking a file or folder…

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Setting up a Google account

ArtsPool uses Google Drive and Google Docs for document management and collaborative editing, and we often share documents with our members so that we can work on them together in real time. We also…

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Syncing Google Drive files to your desktop

It is sometimes very convenient to be able open files on Google Drive or add files to Google Drive folders directly from your desktop. To enable this, download the Google Drive Backup and Sync deskto…

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Exporting a Google Sheet to PDF

If you want to export a selection, click and drag to select a range of cells. Select Download > PDF document from the File menu in the Google Sheet. In the Export field of the right sidebar, choose S…

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Getting started with Google Sheets

Indenting within cells in Google Sheets. Unlike Excel, Google Sheets does not currently allow you to indent text within individual cells. You can, however, accomplish this using a Google script. Plea…

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Migrating data between Google Apps accounts

Google has very comprehensive documentation of how to migrate data between different Google Apps accounts. Migrate data between Google Apps accounts The recommended way of migrating email, contacts,…

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Member Google Drive folders

Member folder structure. To make it easier for ArtsPool managers to work across multiple member accounts, we use a standard folder tree structure for each member's documents in Google Drive. These tr…

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