Submitting and approving employee time off requests

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There are two methods for processing time off requests. If you're not sure which method applies to your company, check with your Workforce Admin Lead at [handle]

Your member "handle" is an abbreviation of your organization's name and can be found on your organization's information page in the ArtsPool app.

Members managing time off requests directly in BeyondPay

  1. To view your time off calendar as an employee, follow these instructions.
  2. Employees submit time off requests directly in BeyondPay following these instructions.
  3. Time Approvers receive a notification of the time off request. The request will also show up as a "To Do" item on the approver's BeyondPay Homescreen.

  1. If the employee needs to adjust a request, follow these instructions.
  2. If the employee would like to cancel a time off request, please reach out to your supervisor.

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