Providing annual sexual harassment prevention training and materials

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All employers in New York State must conduct an annual, interactive sexual harassment prevention training for all employees and ensure that all employees receive a copy of the employer's Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy. This must happen within 90 days of a new hire's start date, as well as yearly thereafter.

All New York City employees should receive the Sexual Harassment Prevention Fact Sheet upon their hiring. You can access the fact sheet and office poster for use at your organization.

You can find an online, interactive training from the New York City Commission on Human Rights here, as well as a template on how to conduct this training from New York State here.

The New York City training meets the minimum requirements for both New York City and New York State, while the New York State training does not meet the minimum requirements for New York City. tl;dr if you're in New York City, do the New York City one.

If you have further questions about this requirement, you can view the New York State's FAQ here.

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