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Below are a few articles that we find are most helpful when getting up to speed on working with ArtsPool. For a cornucopia of other articles, you can also have new employees explore the Guide for Members and Technology sections of the Help Center.

About ArtsPool

ArtsPool: an introduction - An introduction to ArtsPool and our team structure.

What ArtsPool does: an overview - Includes links to detailed articles on what we handle in the areas of finance, workforce administration, and compliance.

Membership communication guide - Some tips on how to communicate with your ArtsPool team effectively.

How to be a member in good standing - A guide created by our Steering Committee to ensure that we have a shared set of standards within the cooperative.

The ArtsPool app

The ArtsPool app - This is where you can log in to submit requests or see open or completed tasks.

ArtsPool app basics - The ArtsPool app is a web-based task management application that we use to stay on top of requests from members. This guide covers the most essential features.

Requesting work from ArtsPool - How to ask us to do something for you using the ArtsPool app.

New task form - Use this form when submitting most tasks.

New hire form - Use this form when submitting new hires. See also: Submitting a new hire task in the ArtsPool app.

New grant form - Use this form when submitting a request for a grant application or grant report budget (or other supporting financial information). See also: Requesting a grant budget or financial report.

Employee reimbursement form - Use this form when requesting a reimbursement for yourself or another employee. Reimbursements for independent contractors should not be submitted via this form and should instead be submitted on the contractor's regular invoice. See also: How to submit reimbursement requests.

Suggested titles, descriptions, and content for tasks - Using a good task title helps us stay organized.

Submit tasks at lightning speed with email templates - How to set up email templates in Gmail to send items into the app via email with less typing.


Data security guide for members - A guide that outlines good security practices, based off of ArtsPool's own internal data security guide. We don't require that you implement these practices, but we encourage members to use it when evaluating their own security.

1Password basics - An overview of the password manager that we use to collaborate with members.

1Password account management - How to change your password, email, etc.

Getting started with the 1Password browser extension

Workforce Administration

BeyondPay (payroll system) training resources

Employee Payroll Setup: A to Z Guide

Payroll FAQs - a troubleshooting guide

How to submit reimbursement requests

Other things to remember

Your application email address for the ArtsPool app is [Member handle] This address can also be found on your member page in the ArtsPool app. This address will create a new task any time you send it an email (unless you are replying to a notification related to an existing task).

Avoid using the application email address as a cc: on email chains because that will create a lot of redundant tasks (one for each reply). Instead, forward the item into the app for ArtsPool to work on once the back and forth with external parties is complete. Alternatively you can create a task and add your colleagues directly.

Add your application email address,, and to your contacts. This will help ensure that our email notifications don't end up in your junk mail folder. Naming your application email address contact "ArtsPool app" will help you work more quickly when creating new tasks via email.

Be sure not to email sensitive information (i.e. passwords or social security numbers). Use our password manager or contact your ArtsPool team member about the best way to get us the information.

Other resources

ArtsPool Help Center - a guide for members with detailed information on how we work with members.

If you need technical support with any of ArtsPool's systems, please feel free to reach out to If you have questions about specific processes, please contact a member of your ArtsPool service team for assistance.

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ArtsPool: an introduction

Requesting work from ArtsPool