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What ArtsPool does

Learn more about what ArtsPool does and what part members play.

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​ArtsPool: an introduction

ArtsPool is an administrative cooperative made up of New York state arts nonprofits and the arts administrators who serve them. Owned and governed by both our nonprofit members and our workers, we cu…

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​Training quick links

Links to a few articles that we find are most helpful when getting a new member employee up to speed on working with ArtsPool.

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​Requesting work from ArtsPool

The fastest way to request work from ArtsPool is to use the forms in the ArtsPool management portal, a.k.a, the ArtsPool app. Accessing the ArtsPool app. To access the ArtsPool app: Visit ​ app.artsp…

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​Suggested titles, descriptions, and content for tasks

Good task titles, descriptions, and content allow us to stay organized and work efficiently across multiple members simultaneously. Most importantly, they allow us to immediately identify what a task…

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How member bills are calculated

How it used to work. Under the previous billing calculation, members were billed on the basis of the previous month’s actual expenses (including direct costs, excluding depreciation and bad debt), fo…

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Requesting digital signature processing for a document

If you would like ArtsPool to process a document through our digital signature service DocuSign, please create a new task in the ArtsPool app with the title: For DocuSign Processing - [DOCUMENT NAME]…

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Share important events or deadlines with ArtsPool's calendar

It's very important that you let us know about important dates that relate to the financial management of your company, e.g. board meetings, grant application deadlines, reporting deadlines, etc. The…

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Membership communication guide

Introduction. Communication is one of the keys to a successful partnership. At ArtsPool, we’re here to empower you, our members, with the tools needed to effectively communicate with our staff and ea…

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