Paying Employees and Approving Payroll

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Regular Payroll

Regular payroll is run bi-weekly on for a two-week period beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday in the payroll system BeyondPay. ArtsPool's members are split into two payroll groups on alternating bi-weekly schedules. Payroll for employees on Actors' Equity Contract will be processed weekly, and members who need additional time for complex time approvals may also have two bi-weekly schedules with a single processing date.

For regularly scheduled payroll processing in BeyondPay:

  1. Payroll in BeyondPay is processed on Tuesdays. This payroll covers the two-week pay period ending the previous Sunday.
  2. The designated payroll approver for each member will receive an email notification requesting approval of each pay run in the ArtsPool app. The pay run is prepared by ArtsPool staff based on hourly and fee-based information you've submitted through the timesheet submission and approval process and standing salary information. ArtsPool staff verify cash flow before requesting your approval of any pay run.
  3. Summary data for the pay run will be displayed on the task in the ArtsPool app. You can review detailed information about the pay run on the reports in the Documents tab of the task. You can review conversational threads on related tasks (i.e. reimbursements) by clicking Linked Tasks.
  4. If you have questions or changes on the pay run, make a comment on the task and your Workforce Administrator will be notified.
  5. When you are ready to approve, click the Approve button on the task, and ArtsPool staff will finalize the payroll in BeyondPay.
  6. ArtsPool will comment on the task to confirm that it has been finalized in BeyondPay and attach a screenshot of the timestamp to the Documents tab of the app task. If you have retirement deductions or other third-party payments to report, ArtsPool will comment when those have been made. Note that employer taxes will be included in the total bill amount to BeyondPay and not paid on a separate schedule from the pay run.
  7. BeyondPay will send any check payments directly to your office by express mail for you to distribute to any employees paid by check.
Make sure to approve payroll by 2:30PM Eastern Time at the latest. Direct deposits are received by employees 2 business days after payroll is processed. If payroll is processed after 3:00PM Eastern Time, employees may not receive payment on time.


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