Commenting on a task

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Once a task is generated in the ArtsPool app through either a web form submission or via email, you can discuss the task with other people on the task team by leaving a comment.

Commenting directly on a task

To leave a comment while logged into the ArtsPool app, just open the task, enter your comment in the field at the bottom of the task, and click Comment. When you submit your comment, all of the members of the task team (visible in the right sidebar) will receive an email notification of your comment.


Commenting via email

You can reply to any email notification related to a particular task and your response will be automatically posted as a comment to that task. How do you know if an email notification is connected to a task? If the subject line of the email begins with [ArtsPool #XXXXXX] where XXXXXX is a number, then that email is connected to task #XXXXXX (most emails like this will also include links to this task).


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