Steering Committee

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  • Determining LLC Membership criteria and advising Management Personnel on the vetting of new prospective Members;
  • Determining the number of members of the Steering Committee and the criteria for membership on the Steering Committee;
  • Advising Management Personnel on resolving issues/disputes with Members as requested by Management Personnel (Management Personnel will participate directly in the Member in Good Standing Escalation Process);

Financial Matters

  • Approving the Company’s Annual Budget;
  • Approving purchases or sales of assets over $50,000, other than pursuant to the approved Annual Budget;
  • Approving borrowings over $50,000, other than pursuant to the approved Annual Budget;
  • Approving the Company's audited financial statements and changes in the Company's fiscal year, material accounting policies and accountants;

Operating Issues

  • Approving material commercial agreements outside the ordinary course of business (ordinary course to include hiring staff, granting staff pay increases and changing general compensation structure);
  • Approving material changes to the Company's Terms of Service;

Officers and other Personnel

  • Approving hiring and firing of Management Personnel, the execution of employment and severance agreements with Management Personnel holding officer titles at ArtsPool Services, Inc. and any material changes to their compensation;
  • Approving changes in employee compensation outside the ordinary course of business;


  • Approving material litigation or other disputes outside the ordinary course of business or where the amount at risk not covered by insurance is greater than $50,000;
  • Approving any merger or consolidation involving the Company or sale of the Company; and
  • Approving the bankruptcy, termination or liquidation of the Company.

Committee Members

Diana Bilbao, ArtsPool (Class C)

David Blasher, MAP Fund (Class A)

Emma Cookson, Brooklyn Arts Council (Class A)

Jesús López-Jensen, Bronx Council on the Arts (Class A)

Harrow Sansom, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (Class A)

Khalilah Smith, ArtsPool (Class C)

Lisa Willis, Cave Canem Foundation (Class A)

Shana Wolfe, The Laundromat Project (Class A)

Max Dana, ArtsPool (ex officio non-voting role)

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