Annex A: Pricing and Billing

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Service Fees

Commencing upon the Onboarding Kickoff Date, Member will be billed by ArtsPool Services a monthly Service Fee for the performance of the Services. 

ArtsPool Services will provide Member with a quote for this Service Fee based on Member’s selection of Services and ArtsPool Services’ best estimate of the complexity of Member operations and good standing in the cooperative (the “Service Fee Quote”). New Members standing in the cooperative will be assumed to be good until their Service Fee review after their first year of membership. The Service Fee Quote will also provide an estimate of monthly software expenses reimbursable to ArtsPool Services by Member as described below. Upon mutual agreement on the Service Fee Quote by Member and ArtsPool Services, the Service Fee Quote will be incorporated into Annex B of this TOS. 

ArtsPool Services fees will be billed monthly during the Onboarding and Service Period term.

The specific methodology through which Service Fees are calculated is determined by ArtsPool Services’ Management Personnel, but changes to ArtsPool’s overall pricing philosophy and structure are subject to approval by the Steering Committee.

Adjustments to Service Fees

ArtsPool Services fees are subject to annual percentage adjustment based on the 5-year average of wage and salary growth in the NYC metropolitan area as provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in June of each year. This annual increase percentage will go into effect in January of each year and will be communicated to Members at least 90 days prior to going into effect. Any change in fees will generally be applied to all Members, including any ceilings or floors on fees, unless the Member has been receiving Services for less than one year.

Service Fees are periodically reviewed by ArtsPool Services Management Personnel to ensure that the Service Fees are aligned with the complexity of Member’s operations and the cost of providing services. New Members’ Services Fees are reviewed after one year of Services and all other Members’ Service Fees are reviewed every two years.

Both Member and ArtsPool Services may request an ad hoc review of Service Fees based on significant changes in Member’s good standing, financial situation, or operational complexity.

Reimbursement of direct costs

Member will reimburse ArtsPool Services for any charges incurred by ArtsPool Services on Member’s behalf for direct costs not included in the Services (e.g. unscheduled pay runs processed for a reason other than ArtsPool error, tax filing fees due to corrections of data incorrectly provided by Member, overcharge fees from third party software, certain offboarding fees, etc.). Member will reimburse ArtsPool Services on a monthly basis for any direct software costs attributable to Member’s use of the Services in the prior month, including, without limitation, bookkeeping software, payroll and time tracking systems, password managers, digital signature systems, payments systems, and tax filing software.

Late fees

ArtsPool Service Fees and/or reimbursement for direct costs not paid when due will accrue late fees as follows:

  • $25.00 per unpaid bill in the first calendar month in which amounts remain unpaid
  • The greater of $50.00 per unpaid bill or 1% of unpaid amounts in the second calendar month in which amounts remain unpaid
  • The greater of $100.00 per unpaid bill or 2% of unpaid amounts in each subsequent calendar month in which amounts remain unpaid

ArtsPool Service Fees and/or reimbursements for direct costs that remain unpaid for more than ninety (90) days shall constitute the Member’s material breach of the TOS and result in the right of ArtsPool to terminate the TOS, require the Member to sign a binding payment plan, or withhold the Services.

Additional fees

The following schedule of additional fees applies to all Members. ArtsPool Services reserves the right to modify this fee schedule at its sole discretion. ArtsPool Services will provide written notice to Members of any changes to this fee schedule.




Late payroll approval

Member approves payroll after 5:00 PM ET on the payroll processing date


Unscheduled pay run

Unscheduled Pay runs processed for a reason other than ArtsPool error

$120 + $15 payroll processing system fee

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