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Download W2 from payroll

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A guide to retrieving a W2 document from payroll.

Retrieving your W2 (Employees)

  1. Log into BeyondPay. Make sure to use your company-specific login link to get to the login page.
    If you can't remember your login link, contact your Workforce Administrator or supervisor for assistance, or reference your payroll setup email.
  2. Follow the steps shown:
    1. My Forms > My W2s
    2. Select the paper/Magnifying Glass Icon for the correct tax year.
    3. Click on Download PDF.
To reset your payroll password, see Updating your BeyondPay password. Reach out to your supervisor or workforce administrator for assistance.

Accessing Employee W2s (Company Administrators)

  1. Log in to payroll
  2. Follow the steps shown:
    1. Menu
    2. 2-Person Icon > Payroll > Forms > W2s
  1. Make sure the correct tax year is selected.
  2. Find the employee you're looking for. As needed, type their name in the "First Name" or "Last Name" search box. Hit the Preview button.
  3. Click Download PDF to save.
  4. ArtsPool recommends transferring the file to the employee via a secure method, eg DropSecure. Please reach out to your Workforce Administrator with questions.
Be sure to clear your downloads after the file has been transferred to the employee.

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