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The articles in this section are resources for navigating the BeyondPay system.

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BeyondPay training for employees

The articles in this section are resources for employees.

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BeyondPay training for payroll admin

The articles in this section are resources for Payroll Administrators.

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Submitting Timesheets

ArtsPool handles time entry slightly differently depending on the size and complexity of your hourly or fee-based workforce. Employees who enter their own time. Have each employee enter their timeshe…

Waqar Ahsan
Updated 10 months ago by Waqar Ahsan

Submitting and approving employee time off requests

There are two methods for processing time off requests. If you're not sure which method applies to your company, check with your Workforce Admin Lead at [handle] Your member "h…

Waqar Ahsan
Updated 2 years ago by Waqar Ahsan

Uploading and downloading an employee document in BeyondPay

We store all of the employee documents in your BeyondPay account, including offer letter, employee handbook, sexual harassment prevention training certificate, etc. Based on the type of your work wit…

Yi-Chen Lai
Updated 8 months ago by Yi-Chen Lai

Payroll FAQs - a troubleshooting guide

For answers to common payroll troubles. Check the table of contents on the right for your question. 1. Help! I can't log in to BeyondPay. a. READ FIRST! - Most common login solution. Most login issue…

Dallas Estes
Updated 1 year ago by Dallas Estes

Submit time off request in the ArtsPool app

ArtsPool is tracking your organization's time-off requests and balances through the process laid out below: The employee creates a new task in the ArtsPool app in the Workforce Admin category with th…

Yi-Chen Lai
Updated 10 months ago by Yi-Chen Lai

BeyondPay mobile app

Let's get that newfangled technology on your side! A guide to setting up the BeyondPay payroll app. App setup. Download the app named HCMToGo. Select your region, and enter the Company Shortname. The…

Dallas Estes
Updated 1 year ago by Dallas Estes

Download W2 from payroll

If you need an electronic copy of a W2 for yourself or employees you manage, use this guide!

Dallas Estes
Updated 10 months ago by Dallas Estes