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BeyondPay mobile app

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Let's get that newfangled technology on your side! A guide to setting up the BeyondPay payroll app.

App setup

  1. Download the app named HCMToGo
  2. Select your region, and enter the Company Shortname. The short name can be acquired by contacting your workforce administrator, or by looking closely at your BeyondPay login link; the short name is always 3 letters followed by 1 number.
  3. Authenticate your device by selecting the method (text, voice or email), and clicking Send (eg: Send Email)
  4. When you receive the authentication code, enter it. Check the box to remember your device if you would like to avoid the authentication step going forward.

Using the app - an overview

  1. Home screen - from the home screen, you can navigate to your personal information, timesheets, pay statements, and more. To access the menu, click the 3 small lines in the top corner.
  2. My Timesheet will take you to your current timesheet, where you can enter hours and submit your timesheet
  3. Click on My Pay to see your pay statements, which include taxes withheld, deductions, hourly rate, gross pay, and more.
  4. My Accrual Balances can show you your current PTO balances, requests, and time taken
    1. Request time off via the drop-down menu
    2. From the request page, you can change the request type by clicking the Magnifying Glass/Page Icon. Then Start Request, and enter the relevant information. Your timesheet approver will receive a notice that you requested time off.
For more information on timesheets, requesting time off, and more, see BeyondPay Training.

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