Uploading and downloading an employee document in BeyondPay

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We store all of the employee documents in your BeyondPay account, including offer letter, employee handbook, sexual harassment prevention training certificate, etc. Based on the type of your work with the company, you may now be asked to upload proof of vaccination as part of employee onboarding. It is very easy to upload your document and download the previously uploaded documents from BeyondPay, simply follow the steps below:

  1. First, go to the My Personal Info bubble, and click My Profile.
  2. In your profile, scroll down to the very bottom for the Employee Documents box. If you have previously uploaded documents in BeyondPay, you will see them listed in your profile.
  3. Click on the blue ADD NEW option at the right-hand corner of the box and the following window will pop up. Click on the Choose button to pick the document(s) you need to upload.
    Don't worry about the alert for a maximum of 5 files, it just means that you can upload up to 5 files at one time!
  4. Once you choose the document(s) you need to upload, additional fields will appear. In the Document Type dropdown, assign the correct type to each of the document you upload.
  5. Click on the UPLOAD button in the pop-up window to upload your documents, and you are all set!

If you need to download a document, simply click on the download button to the left of the document to download it to your local drive.

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