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BeyondPay: approve time entries

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This article applies only to select ArtsPool members who have individual time entry configured.

The process for approving time entries is different than approving timesheets. Please read on for more information, and direct any questions to your workforce lead!

Why use time entry approval?

For companies where employees have different approvers for different work, it can be very useful to enable time entry approval. This allows managers to approve only those time entries which they manage without needing to coordinate with other approvers.

Once all time entries on an employee's timesheet have been approved, that timesheet will automatically be approved.

How to approve time entries

  1. Click the Menu icon in the top-left corner
  2. Navigate to Two-Person Icon > Time > Timesheets > Time Entries > Approve Time Entries
  3. Select the time entries you wish to take action on, and Approve or Reject.
    1. To edit or view the time entry, click the page icon next to that entry
Note: Once all individual time entries have been approved, the timesheet will automatically moved to an approved state. Please note that there is a lag for the system to approve timesheets following time entry approval.

Edit your time entry view

If you aren't able to see the time entries you are trying to approve, be sure that your filters are set up correctly as shown below.

  1. Click on the bubble that says Timesheet Dates
    1. Set the following Filters:
      1. Type to Pay Period
      2. Profile - change as needed, ie if approving TA timesheets, change to Bi-Weekly TA
      3. Pay period - set to Previous
      4. Once the above settings are complete, click Apply
  2. To move between pay periods, click the arrow buttons:
Note: If you need any assistance setting up your view, reach out to your workforce lead, who can assist you.

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