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Changing your name with ArtsPool

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How to change your name in ArtsPool systems.

Change in preferred name

If you or another person have a change to your name, please contact your Workforce Administrator and let them know.

Systems ArtsPool will update

ArtsPool will handle updating your name in certain ArtsPool systems, including:

  • Communicating the change to your ArtsPool service team.
  • Google Contacts. Each person at ArtsPool will change the name in their Google contacts to ensure that the old name does not appear in autocomplete.
  • BeyondPay. See the Change in legal name section below.
  • ArtsPool app. See Managing your ArtsPool app user account for instructions.
  • Mailchimp. We will update the name on the ArtsPool Staff and Members list.

For ArtsPool employees, we will also update all internal systems and documents based on our employee onboarding checklist.

Systems you should update

The following systems either allow or require you to make name and email updates yourself. Note: not every member employee has accounts in these systems. If you are uncertain whether you have an account in these systems, ask your ArtsPool Workforce Administrator.

  • The ArtsPool Cabana on Slack. You can change your email via your Slack settings. To change your name, click on Profile (you will be redirected to the desktop app if you are using it).
  • Xero. To update your name in Xero, click on your user avatar on the top right and select Edit profile. To update your email, select Account.
If your organization uses Google Workspace, be sure to have your IT administrator change your name in the Google admin area. This will ensure that any documents owned by you display the updated name. For more on how changing an email or name in Google affects things, see Impact of changing a user's email address.

Once these changes have been made, please keep us posted if there is continued use of a previous name, and we will correct it.

Note: Some ArtsPool systems are unfortunately bound to legal names, notably payroll systems and tax documents.

If you or another person have a change to your legal name, please follow the below steps to update your name in the payroll system. Please note that updated I-9 documents will be needed before the change is able to be made in the payroll system.

  1. Alert your Workforce Administrator to the change by creating a task in the app. Let us know whether the legal change also reflects a change in preferred name.
    In the app, select New Task > Other Work > Category: Workforce
  2. Wait for the workforce administrator to confirm that the name change has been implemented in payroll. Then, confirm your name:
    1. Log into BeyondPay
    2. Check the top-left corner - is your name correct? If the change is not yet reflected in the payroll system, please follow up with your workforce administrator.
  3. Submit a new I-9 form via the following navigation:
    1. My Forms > Form I9s > Add New > Create I9
    2. To complete the form, enter updated information on pages 1 and 2. Enter NA if a required field is not applicable.
    3. Take note of which documents you will need to upload in order for your employer to complete I9 verification.
      See the USCIS website for information on Form I-9 documents - either 1 document from List A, or 1 document each from List B and List C.
    4. Submit I-9
    5. If your documents will be verified electronically, upload new I9 documents
    6. My Personal Info > My Documents > Add
  4. Finally, submit new federal and state withholding forms via the following navigation:
    1. My Forms > Form W4s/State Withholding >Add New
    2. Add a new federal form and a new state form (or state exemption form, as appropriate). To review your prior withholding form selections, you can click the pencil icon on the far left side prior to selecting Add New.
    3. Adding a new form will replace previous forms; no other action is needed. Make sure you Submit Withholding Form and don't just save.
  5. Following the update of your name in the payroll system, keep an eye out for further communication from your workforce administrator regarding updates to 401k or other benefits.

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