Renewing or adding insurance policies

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Renewals and changes

Generally, you will renew or add insurance policies directly with your broker, but ArtsPool should be kept informed of policy changes and renewal dates. Please notify ArtsPool of policy additions and renewal dates by creating a new task in the ArtsPool app with the title: Insurance Update: [Addition or Change]. Select Compliance as the category for this task when submitting it via the web form, and your Member Liaison will route it to the appropriate person depending on the policy and action needed.

Policy document retention

We like to keep updated copies of your policies in the relevant folder(s) in Google Drive. You can do this yourself or simply submit the renewal policies to the ArtsPool app and we will file them away for you. If you want to keep these policies organized in another way in your own Google Drive folders, you can use Shift+Z to add a shortcut to the file in a different folder.

Workforce insurance audits

To request that ArtsPool prepare a payroll audit for your Workers' Comp, Disability, or other workforce-related coverage, create a new task in the ArtsPool app with the title: Payroll Audit for [Type of] Insurance - Period [Date] - [DATE]. Select Workforce Admin as the category for this task when submitting it via the web form.

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