What ArtsPool does: an overview

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ArtsPool’s staff partner with members on administrative work in the areas of Financial Maintenance, Financial Operations, and Workforce Administration. As a member, your role in our work together is primarily to provide us with the information we need to do work you have requested of us and to make all decisions for your company, including approving any payments to be made on your behalf and customization of our templates to your company’s needs. Details on exactly what we do in each of our core service areas and what role your organization's staff have in the process can be found in the articles below.

Since you retain all decision-making over your companies, it is important to let us know when your company’s approvers, signatories, etc. are going to be away from the office so that we know who is empowered to make decisions in their absence.

Select a service area below to learn more about how we work with our members in each area.

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