Exporting a Google Sheet to PDF

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  1. If you want to export a selection, click and drag to select a range of cells.
  2. Select Download > PDF document from the File menu in the Google Sheet.
  3. In the Export field of the right sidebar, choose Selected cells to export only the range of cells selected in the sheet. If you prefer to print the entire sheet or workbook, skip step 1 above and make the appropriate selection in the Export field.
  4. Select your desired Paper size, Page orientation, Scaling, and Margins in the relevant fields.
  5. For a cleaner look, remove gridlines from your document by unchecking the Show gridlines option in the Formatting section.
  6. If you don't want notes on cells to be included in the export, uncheck the Show notes option in the Formatting section.
  7. In the Headers & footers section, select the options for any data you want to appear in the headers and footers. If you want to customize the headers and footers, click Edit custom fields.
  8. If you want frozen rows and columns to repeat on multi-page documents select the Repeat frozen rows and/or Repeat frozen columns options in the Headers & footers section.
  9. Click the Export button.
  10. Rename the downloaded PDF if desired.

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