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What's changed: 2024 Terms of Service Update Summary

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Over the course of 2023 we have been moving through a process of evaluating and updating our pricing structure and services to ensure that our services are aligned with the needs of current and prospective members and remain affordable for a diverse range of organizations. These changes have been made in collaboration with ArtsPool's Leadership Team, Steering Committee, staff, and a variety of outside advisors and are focused on providing a stronger foundation for the long-term sustainability of the cooperative and its stakeholders.

Effective January 1, 2024, our Terms of Service (TOS) will reflect the changes that were approved in October 2023 by the Steering Committee. Please see below for a summary of changes to the TOS.

Summary of changes

  • Annex A: Pricing and Billing has been updated to reflect our new pricing structure. Going forward members will pay a consistent monthly fee based on each member’s complexity, size, and standing in the cooperative and mutually agreed upon by each member and ArtsPool. Members will also reimburse ArtsPool for software expenses directly related to the services provided. For more information, see the 2024 Pricing FAQ or the proposal approved by the Steering Committee in August 2023.
  • Annex C: Services List has been updated to rename Compliance Services to “Other Services” and to separate the descriptions of Financial Operations and Financial Maintenance Services into discrete pages. The Annex also now includes language to enable ArtsPool to offer decoupled services in addition to the full services package. The currently offered service packages are Full Services, Financial Operations/Financial Maintenance-only and Financial Operations/Workforce Administration-only. For detailed descriptions of our service areas, see the links included in the Help Center article What ArtsPool does: an overview.
  • Annex D: Onboarding Procedures has been updated to reflect our current onboarding practices.
  • Annex F: Privacy Policy has been updated to include a new link to the ArtsPool Help Center in place of a link to the Compliance Toolkit since the Toolkit will be retired in 2024.
  • Annex H: Limitation of Liability and Indemnification was updated to exclude losses related to a member’s failure to maintain tax-exempt status or to comply with the terms contracts/grants from what members can potentially recover from ArtsPool’s insurers.
  • Annex K: Termination Provisions has been updated to reduce the termination notice window from 60 days to 30 days in instances of a breach of the TOS. Clarification was also added regarding obligations to pay ArtsPool any outstanding service fees at the time of termination.
  • Minor changes were made throughout the TOS to align the TOS with changes to our governance structure or to clarify language.

Changes to compliance services

Per the proposal approved by the Steering Committee in August 2023, ArtsPool’s compliance services offering is being scaled back to certain key activities that are closely related to our core service areas. Compliance services were ranked low by members during the research phase of our 2022-2023 planning process, so we have decided to reduce this scope to ensure that our staff can devote their full energy to the services that members have said are a priority.

To the extent that ArtsPool will continue to offer compliance support, that support will be specifically detailed in the Help Center pages related to each of our service areas. A summary of key changes is below.

Digital signature processing

The Financial Maintenance Team will continue to process annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure forms as a part of your organization’s audit process, and our Financial Operations Team will continue to provide Digital Signature support for contracts related to financial transactions. We will no longer provide support for processing the following items through DocuSign:

  • Unanimous Written Consent forms.
  • Board pledge forms. If your board pledge forms have been processed alongside Conflict of Interest Disclosures in the past, ArtsPool will no longer be processing the pledge forms. All board pledge forms should be processed for signature internally and then submitted to the Financial Operations Team via our standard invoice request process if pledges are to be added to the books.
  • Other ad hoc items.
Note: Under our new TOS, we can provide account access to DocuSign to enable you to send documents using ArtsPool’s discounted bulk pricing, which we negotiate with DocuSign every three years. If you would like to discuss this, please contact your service team.

Corporate/employment policies

ArtsPool will continue to provide access to our suite of templates for policies and our policy tracker template if requested. ArtsPool will no longer be updating or maintaining the policy tracker if it is still in use by your organization. 

Government systems

ArtsPool will provide access to our Help Center articles that discuss renewals for the various government systems (SAM, PASSPort, Grants Gateway) and will provide members with access to final copies of necessary documents (990, CHAR500, Financial Statements) at the conclusion of each annual audit for upload. However, ArtsPool will no longer process these renewals or provide support in doing so other than to provide required financial and workforce data. 

Compliance Toolkit and Member Liaison

In support of this change and to further streamline our operations, ArtsPool will be decommissioning the Compliance Toolkit and retiring the Member Liaison role in the ArtsPool app in early 2024. We will archive your Compliance Toolkit data on your behalf, so no action from you is needed on this.

Going forward, your primary relationship manager regarding your ArtsPool services will be Executive Officer Max Dana.

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