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ArtsPool is tracking your organization's time-off requests and balances through the process laid out below:

  1. The employee creates a new task in the ArtsPool app in the Workforce Admin category with the Short Description entered as [Vacation/Sick/Personal] Request - [Employee Name] [DATE(S)] [HOURS].
  2. Your ArtsPool Workforce Admin Lead adds the member's relevant time approver to the task in the app.
    1. Alternatively, staff can follow this article to add their time approver to the task rather than wait for the Workforce Admin Lead to do it.
  3. The member time approver comments in the task that they approve the request (or not).
  4. Your ArtsPool Workforce Admin Lead processes the approved time in payroll.
If the dates/hours change after the request has been submitted and/or approved, please let a comment in the task so that your Workforce Admin Lead is aware of the change and can update the tracking sheet accordingly.
NOTE: Even if you are requesting time off in the ArtsPool app, you will still be able to see your total time off used-to-date in BeyondPay. Any future time off will not be reflected until that pay period payroll is processed. You should contact your company's Payroll Admin for your updated balance (inclusive of future requests).

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