Homescreen: Understanding Employee Management

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The Employee Management bubble on the Homescreen allows you, as a company payroll admin or manager, to access payroll- and employee-related data.

In the Employee Management bubble, you have access to the following eight items:

Company Admins will have access to all items, but Managers may only see select items based on their access level.
  1. Timesheets By Pay Period: you can access timesheets for all of your employees from here.
  2. Employee Time Off Balances: you can review the time-off balances (vacation, sick time, etc.) from here.
  3. Pay Statement History: you can access the pay statements for all of the employees (active and/or terminated) from here.
  4. Employee Information: this will allow you to access employee profiles.
  5. Unlock Employee Account: you can use this link to unlock an employee's BeyondPay account.
  6. Employee Documents: you can access employee documents such as onboarding paperwork, PFL waivers, updated employment letters, etc.
  7. Employee I9 Forms: through this, you will be able to access all unverified/verified I9 Forms; you would go here to verify new employee I9s.
  8. Employee Withholding Forms: you can access employee federal and state tax forms if you ever need to review; ArtsPool handles the processing of these forms.

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