Adding people to tasks

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Sometimes a task requires more than just one ArtsPooler and one member employee to get it over the finish line. In those cases, you can use the Add team member feature to add up to three people to the task team at at time.

Task team members receive notifications of all comments and the tasks to which they have been added appear on their open tasks list.

How to add task team members

  1. On any task, click or tap the meatball menu (three small dots next to the task title).
  2. Select Add team member.
  3. Click or tap in the People to add field and select up to three people to add. You can also type in this field to search for names and press Enter/Return to select them. Only people who are not already on the task will appear on this list.
  4. Include an optional note if you want to provide context on why you are adding people. This is a great practice because it helps people understand what you need them to do.
  5. Click or tap Add.

Each newly added team member will receive a notification including your optional note, the note will be posted as a comment on the task, and existing task members will receive a comment notification.

Pro tip: Pressing the shortcut key "a" on any task will quickly pop open the Add team member dialog box.

Why can I only add three people at a time?

We have found that a small number of people can complete a task just as efficiently -- and in most cases more efficiently -- than a large group of people. To avoid the temptation to add too many people "as an FYI," we have limited the number of people you can add at one time. If you really need to add more than three people, just repeat the steps above to add another three.

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