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Members with more complex security needs can purchase additional 1Password user accounts at a rate of $93.95 per year under ArtsPool's Business subscription. These charges are billed back to members annually, either in August or on their next monthly invoice if they purchase an account in the middle of the year. To request additional accounts just submit a task to the app and ask that the Technology Team be added to the task.

Below are some good practices to keep in mind when setting up additional user accounts.

Email address/username

Use a Google Group or other evergreen email as the account email/username as it eliminates the need to change the account email when employees leave. It is also less confusing to other employees who may be logging in use a shared 1Password account.

Vault structure

For maximum flexibility, consider setting up vaults called [Member name] Operations (shared) and [Member name] Operations (internal) in addition to the primary vault. The one labeled "shared" is shared with the member's ArtsPool team, the primary member account, and the secondary member account, but the one labeled "internal" is only shared with the primary member account and the secondary member account. This allows the member to use 1Password to shared credentials that ArtsPool does not need access to (e.g. social media accounts).

Transmit credentials securely

Take care to avoid sending 1Password passwords and secret keys over email. Provide them to people who need them via phone or videoconference instead so that there is not a record of the credentials in the sender and recipient email accounts.

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