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Approving a batch of requests

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As an Administrator for your organization in the ArtsPool app, you may receive a batch of bill approval requests. This article will guide you in your interaction with batched requests.

Batched bill requests are intended to allow administrators to conveniently approve multiple bills on one screen and to reduce the number of email notifications that administrators receive. Batched requests are one method your Financial Operations Lead (FOL) may use to request approvals for multiple bills as determined by the workflow needed to complete bill payment requests. There is no change to the regular bill approval process.

Approving requests in a batch

  1. Click the View and approve button in the email notification you receive. The email subject will follow the format: "Approval Batch #X: Approval request for X bills"
  1. A new browser window/tab will open and provide the complete list of requests in the batch for your review.
  1. As the Approver, you can Approve one or more bills in the batch from this screen.
  2. Once you approve a bill, the Bill status and Action fields will be updated.
Alternatively, you can approve each batched bill directly in its respective Bill task by clicking the Vendor name. This allows you to review the bill in more detail and make comments before providing approval.
If you need to go back to a batch at a later time, see section: Navigating back to a batch

Not the right person for one or more requests in a batch?

If your organization has more than one Administrator in the ArtsPool app, your batch may inadvertently include a bill that needs to be approved by another Administrator. You can reassign the request to them by clicking the Vendor name to go into the Bill task and following the steps in this Reassigning requests article.

There are a couple of ways to go back to the batch that a bill is part of. You may need to do this to review historical batches, and when you choose to approve select bills at a time.

You can always navigate to a batch from the original email notification if you saved it in your Inbox.

Accessing the batch from the bill task

  1. If your bill task is part of a batch, the Batch number will appear in the bill task's metadata on the sidebar.
  1. Click the Batch number to view all of the bills in the batch.
To find your Open bill tasks, reference this Working with your task list article.

To find your Closed bill tasks, reference this Searching for tasks article.

Access the batch from Open Requests

  1. Go to your Open requests list in the ArtsPool app.
  1. Click on the Batch number you would like to view.

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