ArtsPool's corporate structure

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ArtsPool LLC

ArtsPool is intended to operate as a member-owned and managed cooperative. Our legal structure includes two entities. ArtsPool LLC, the parent company, contains our Steering Committee and is the source of our outside financing. ArtsPool LLC is a party to a fiscal sponsorship agreement with a nonprofit partner, which allows us to raise contributions on a tax-deductible basis and from tax-exempt foundations. ArtsPool LLC is not a nonprofit organization in the legal sense, but operates without a profit-seeking motive. Our goal is sustainable operations for the members of our cooperative at the lowest possible cost. ArtsPool LLC is a Delaware company.

ArtsPool Services, Inc.

ArtsPool Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ArtsPool LLC and the operating company of ArtsPool. ArtsPool Services, Inc. employs all of ArtsPool's staff and enters into service agreements with the non-staff Members of ArtsPool LLC and, on occasion, other third parties. Our corporate structure protects ArtsPool LLC members from any liabilities of ArtsPool LLC or ArtsPool Services, Inc. ArtsPool Services, Inc. is a New York corporation.

Governing documents

ArtsPool LLC is governed by an Operating Agreement and ArtsPool Services, Inc. is governed by a separate set of Bylaws. In addition, ArtsPool maintains a business plan that is updated periodically and was last approved by ArtsPool's Operations Committee in December 2020. We have a summary of the Operating Agreement for quick reference.


Operationally, ArtsPool Services, Inc. is managed by its directors and officers. Under the new Operating Agreement effective February 1, 2023, the Board of Directors of ArtsPool Services, Inc. is made up of the Steering Committee of ArtsPool LLC, and this body is responsible for selecting the Officers of ArtsPool Services, Inc. The Officers, in turn, are responsible for the management of ArtsPool as defined in the Operating Agreement and Bylaws and report to the Steering Committee on a quarterly basis. For a list of current Officers, contact ArtsPool's Operations Lead.

Incorporation documents

Incorporation documents relating to ArtsPool LLC and ArtsPool Services, Inc. are maintained by ArtsPool. If you need access to these documents, please contact ArtsPool's Operations Lead.

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