Guidance on creating offer letters

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We know that offer letters can be a bit confusing so to make it easier for you, here are some tips!

The offer letter should have the following components:

  • It should be on official company letterhead and should be written in the proper letter format.
  • You should make sure to include the candidate’s full legal name and preferred name (if different), physical address, and email address (if processed electronically).
  • Their job title, expected schedule, employment status (i.e. full time/part time, exempt/non-exempt), and who the position reports to.
  • Make sure to include the full job description in the body of the offer letter or as a separate attachment.
  • Include a detailed explanation of compensation, such as the salary amount or hourly rate.
  • If you’ll be offering a benefit package, include a summary of the benefits and eligibility requirements.
  • An official signature should be included from either the company executive or the hiring manager (this can be left blank for digital signature when processing electronically).
  • A statement of the employment relationship should be included such if the position is "at-will" or for an agreed upon period.

Nitty gritty details about compensation and perks, like bonus structure, the amount of paid time off, and health insurance details should go into the employee handbook.

ArtsPool has an offer letter template that you can utilize and tweak to your needs.

It is always a good idea to check with your labor lawyer for the language. ArtsPool can recommend a lawyer if you need recommendation.

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