New hire onboarding

Submitting a new hire task in the ArtsPool app

In order to start the onboarding process for your new employee, fill out the new hire form in the ArtsPool app. This form can be found by logging into the ArtsPool app , selecting the blue New Task b…

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Guidance on creating offer letters

We know that offer letters can be a bit confusing so to make it easier for you, here are some tips! The offer letter should have the following components: It should be on official company letterhead…

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Updated 4 years ago by Waqar Ahsan

Employee benefits data management

Employee benefits (health insurance, retirement, commuter, FSA/HSA, etc...) are an important part of a compensation package at your organization. ArtsPool is here to help manage benefit data, but we…

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Upload Proof of Vaccination

How to upload proof of vaccination to payroll.

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Employee Payroll Setup: A to Z Guide

The A to Z on payroll profile setup, including: personal information, withholding forms, Form I-9, and direct deposit

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