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Annex B: Member Service Contact List

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Organization name (the “Member”)


Member handle

Please list above the short version (nickname) of your organization that you would like to use for your dedicated ArtsPool accounts, e.g. [handle] ArtsPool will make every effort to use the selected handle but may need to modify it if the handle is already in use by another Member.


Member contacts

Please list the names and emails of individuals responsible for the following areas. A person may hold multiple roles depending on their scope of work and the organization’s structure (e.g. in small organizations, a single person may hold all of the roles).




Principal contact

Primary point of contact for the Member.

Operational contact

Overall contact for Member who is responsible for communicating information received from ArtsPool to internal Member staff.

Onboarding contact

Principal contact to coordinate onboarding activities.

Payroll approver

Approves payroll.

Additional payroll contact(s)

Optional. Please list any additional staff authorized to view full payroll data.

Timesheet/time off approver(s)

Optional. Approves timesheets and/or time off for specific employees, without access to full payroll data.

Financial approver

Approves bills and any non-payroll payments. Makes financial decisions on behalf of Member.

Primary budget contact

Partners with ArtsPool Financial Maintenance Lead to manage the budget and coordinates any required internal communication and decision-making (including at the board level) related to the budget. Communicates budget updates and strategy to ArtsPool.

Additional budget contact(s)

Optional. Please list any additional staff authorized to view budget data.

ArtsPool Service Team

ArtsPool reserves the right to change Member’s Financial Operations Lead, Financial Operations Lead and/or Workforce Administration Lead (collectively, the “Member Service Team”) at its discretion. The roles below will be assigned during onboarding or at the start of Services, depending on the Services selected by Member.



Onboarding captain

Primary point of contact for the ArtsPool to the Member during Onboarding.

Financial Operations Lead

Bills payments, receivable invoices entry, receipts, bank deposits, petty cash reports, contracts for digital signature (e.g. independent contractors), 1099s, bank reconciliation, transaction coding, and anything related to day-to-day transactions.

Financial Maintenance Lead

Organizational budget creation and changes, grant reports, grant award letters, financial reports, board reports, balance sheet information, audit, tax, investments, and anything related to the long-term maintenance of Member’s finances.

Workforce Administration Lead

New hires, salary changes or other changes in pay, terminations, promotions, reimbursement requests, workforce insurance (worker's comp, disability, paid family leave), W2s, employee benefits changes impacting payroll deductions, and anything else related to hiring or paying Member’s workers.

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