Reassigning requests

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ArtsPoolers use the ArtsPool app to formally request four types of things from members:

  • Documents (on transaction tasks or general tasks)
  • Clarification (for transaction coding)
  • Bill approvals
  • Pay run approvals

In addition, the app supports reimbursement requests between employees at member organizations.

Those aren't the only things the app is used for, but they are currently the five types of things that the app treats as a formal Request that can be resolved by a recipient.

Sometimes, though, we either don't know who the best recipient is or we send the request to the wrong person. In those cases, both ArtsPoolers and request recipients can use the reassignment feature to reassign the request to a different person.

How to reassign a request

  1. Locate the request on either your Received Requests list or the Requests list on an individual task. Clicking the Resolve button in the email notification you receive about the request will take you to the Requests list on the task.
  2. Click or tap the Actions menu next to the request.
  3. Select Reassign.
  4. Select the person to whom you want to assign the request in the New assignee field.
  5. Include an optional note if you want to provide context on why you are reassigning the request. This is a great practice because it helps people understand what you need them to do.
  6. Click or tap the Reassign button.

The new assignee will receive a notification including your optional note, the note will be posted as a comment on the task, and existing task members will receive a comment notification. The reassignment is also recorded in the activity log of the task.


  • Approval requests can only be reassigned to other people at your organization with the Administrator role in the ArtsPool app. If you are the only person with this role, you won't be able to reassign the request. To view the Administrators who have bill and pay run approval authority for your organization, see your organization page.
  • A request can’t be reassigned to someone who already has a request of that type on a task (e.g. you can’t reassign a documentation request to someone who already has one of those on that task).

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