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Member pages in the ArtsPool app

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Each member of ArtsPool has a page in the ArtsPool app that contains certain useful information about the organization. To access your member page, select the My Organization link on the dropdown menu under your name in the top menu.

Financial snapshot

This snapshot, which is only visible to Administator users and your ArtsPool service team, is updated every 10 minutes and reflects your combined bank and credit card balances, open payables, and open receivables. To see your bank balance separate from credit cards, click the View details link. Your bank account balance as shown on this report is your accounting balance, which differs from your bank ledger balance in that it includes any uncleared payments or deposits (outstanding checks, deposits that have not cleared, etc).

Member info

This section contains some information that is useful to ArtsPool, such as the member address, tax ID number, primary contact, phone number and website. It also contains a couple of special email addresses that we use in our work with you.

Application address

This is a "magick" email address that will create a task in the ArtsPool app when you send an email to it. Unlike submitting tasks via web forms, submitting a task by email does not automatically route it to the right ArtsPooler, so it has to be manually routed by your Financial Operations Lead. This address is useful for forwarding emails to ArtsPool when you need us to work on something, but the web form submission may get you a faster turnaround time since those tasks are automatically routed. For more on using the application address, see the section Submitting tasks by email in Requesting work from ArtsPool.

Some words of warning
Word #1: Don't use the application address as a cc: on an email chain because it will create a new task for every response on the email chain (we're working on fixing this). It's better to submit to ArtsPool once you have discussed internally, or simply have your internal conversation on a comment thread on a task.
Word #2: Don't give the application address out to outside parties. The app is picky about who it will talk to and will reject emails from unknown users unless their email address matches your organization domain.

Google Groups

We have two Google Groups for every ArtsPool member: [handle] and [handle], where "handle" is the text before the @ symbol in your application address.

We often use these email address on your online accounts as secondary billing addresses so we can get automated billing receipts sent to us without us having to bother you. We also use them when we set up an account on your behalf and need a way to easily fetch secondary login codes, do password resets, etc. Feel free to use these addresses if you would like to configure any automated emails related to your finances or workforce to go to ArtsPool directly.

Team info

The team info section is divided into three sections: Organization team (your staff), Service team (ArtsPool staff), and External team (auditors). Within the Organization team, the Administrator role has special privileges that allows them to approve bills, approve payroll, and view the financial snapshot and financial summary.

Generally your Administrator users should also be bank signatories since approving bills and payroll is equivalent to signing a check.

For more information on ArtsPool's service team roles, see ArtsPool: an introduction.

Services list

The services list on the left sidebar is utilized primarily by ArtsPoolers to maintain your organization's connection to three external systems: Xero (the accounting system), BeyondPay (the payroll system), and ArtsPool's Compliance Toolkit.

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