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Community guidelines

We're all in this together! Learn how to keep our cooperative strong

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The basics

Some of the most essential moves to master when working with ArtsPool.

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New hire onboarding

All about hiring employees and independent contractors

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Paying employees

Everything you need to know about paying people and getting paid.

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Revenue and expenses

What you need to know to get money in the door and out of the door.

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Grants and contributions

How to request grants budgets and reports, maintain funder compliance, and more!

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Corporate insurance

How to work with ArtsPool on insurance matters

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BeyondPay training

This section has articles on how to navigate and use BeyondPay.

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Paying independent contractors

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COVID-19 Workforce Administration Reference Materials

Navigating together. We are all doing our best to adjust to quickly-changing guidelines and information. There is a lot coming at all of us in this difficult moment, and lots of stress on many levels…

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Updated 1 year ago by Inam Yousafzai