​Start Here: Compliance Office Hours

In an effort to respond to staff concerns regarding increased context-switching while also upholding our service standards, ArtsPool is shifting our handling of general compliance questions and suppo…

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Compliance Toolkit basics

What is the Compliance Toolkit? The ArtsPool Compliance Toolkit is a free web-based tool to help nonprofit companies make sense of the red tape jungle of regulatory compliance. The Toolkit's rule-bas…

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Providing annual sexual harassment prevention training and materials

All employers in New York State must conduct an annual, interactive sexual harassment prevention training for all employees and ensure that all employees receive a copy of the employer's Sexual Haras…

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Understanding conflict of interest disclosures

What is a conflict of interest disclosure? A conflict of interest disclosure is an annual statement through which a Board member or key person of an organization discloses any business interests they…

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Board actions for New York nonprofits

ArtsPool's relationship to your board. Because ArtsPool is not part of your organization, we do not interact directly with your Board without your participation or instruction, nor can we manage your…

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Funding and vendor portals supported by ArtsPool

ArtsPool assists members in completing and maintaining the following funding and vendor portals: System for Award Management ( NY State Grants Gateway. NY Statewide Financial Systems (SFS).…

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Understanding corporate policies

This guide is intended to demystify some of the most common corporate policies, with a focus on New York State nonprofits.

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Fiscal control stopgaps: what NOT to do

via GIPHY. Every nonprofit organization, no matter the size or complexity, should have a board-approved fiscal controls policy outlining the policies and procedures an organization follows for approv…

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Compliance Office Hours

ArtsPool addresses ad hoc compliance tasks on an as-needed basis via Compliance Office Hours. Members may sign up for these office hours by submitting a compliance task to the ArtsPool app and reques…

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