BeyondPay training for payroll admin

Accessing reports in BeyondPay

As a Company Admin/Manager, you have the ability to view various reports in BeyondPay (dependent on access level). You can get to them through the hamburger menu (top left corner) and expand the My R…

Waqar Ahsan
Updated 2 years ago by Waqar Ahsan

Unlocking employee accounts in BeyondPay

A user’s account can become locked after more than 3 failed log-in attempts or if they enter the wrong code for virtual authentication (when requested by the system). A Company Administrator/HR Manag…

Dallas Estes
Updated 11 months ago by Dallas Estes

Verifying I-9 Forms

Completing the I-9 Form is an important part of on-boarding a new employee. BeyondPay, the payroll software ArtsPool uses, makes this relatively simple. Only the new employee's manager or assigned HR…

Waqar Ahsan
Updated 7 months ago by Waqar Ahsan

Approving timesheets in BeyondPay

For smooth payroll processing on Tuesday, employee timesheets should be submitted and approved in BeyondPay no later than 6:00PM on the Monday before payroll is processed. If the timesheets are not s…

Yi-Chen Lai
Updated 5 months ago by Yi-Chen Lai

Understanding payroll and BeyondPay

As part of ArtsPool, your payroll is processed through our standard payroll system: BeyondPay. As a ArtsPool member, your payroll is processed on a bi-weekly schedule, which means you are paid every…

Waqar Ahsan
Updated 2 years ago by Waqar Ahsan

Homescreen: Understanding Employee Management

The Employee Management bubble on the Homescreen allows you, as a company payroll admin or manager, to access payroll- and employee-related data. In the Employee Management bubble, you have access to…

Waqar Ahsan
Updated 2 years ago by Waqar Ahsan