Employee reimbursements

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Submitting reimbursement requests

To submit employee reimbursements, please create a task in the Workforce Admin category in the ArtsPool app with the title Reimbursement for payroll - [EMPLOYEE NAME] - [AMOUNT].

Include in the task:

  1. The account code and/or Program/Activity to which the expense should be charged.
  2. A scan/picture of the receipt for each expense to be reimbursed.

Approving reimbursements

Reimbursements are processed bi-weekly with your payroll as non-taxable income. The reimbursement request should be submitted no later than 6 PM on the Monday before the pay date to be included in the pay run. Requests submitted after the deadline will be processed in the following payroll.

Notes to the approver: You will see the reimbursements reflected in the payroll for approval. You may also approve the requests prior to payroll processing, please reach out to your Workforce Admin Lead to set up the workflow. In the pay run task in the ArtsPool app, reimbursements are included in the Total earnings amount in the financial summary with a line item Reimbursements & per diems to show the total reimbursments processed in the pay run. You can see details of reimbursements by clicking Related Tasks on the pay run task, as well as in the payroll register report in the Documents tab.

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