Employee reimbursements

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Submitting reimbursement requests

To submit employee reimbursements, please create a task in the ArtsPool app with the title Reimbursement for payroll - [EMPLOYEE NAME] - [VENDOR].

Include in the task:

  1. The account code to which the expense should be charged
  2. A scan/picture of the receipt for each expense to be reimbursed 

​Select Workforce Admin as the category when submitting these tasks via the web form.

Approving reimbursements

Reimbursements are processed bi-weekly as part of payroll. Your company's payroll approver will then see these reimbursements reflected in the next payroll for approval. Note that in the pay run in the ArtsPool app, reimbursements appear as a total per employee per pay run, but those amounts will be itemized per transaction on the employee's pay stub and in payroll reports. Payroll approvers can see details of reimbursements by clicking Related Tasks on the pay run task.

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