Coding expenses

All expense coding is based on your organization's chart of accounts and Program and Activity tracking.

When ArtsPool asks for "coding" we are referring to the type of expense (i.e. transportation, costume expense, catering & hospitality, etc.) and the program that expense was purchased for (i.e. Fundraising, General Operations, or Program). If you are unsure of your organization's current chart of accounts or program tracking, please contact ArtsPool for an updated list.

ArtsPool will do our best to code your expenses accurately. However, if we need more information, we will send you a request for coding clarification through the ArtsPool app. When you receive a clarification request, just click the link in the email, login to the ArtsPool app, and click the Resolve button on the request. This will launch a form that will allow you to update the account code and program for the transaction based on your organization's chart of accounts.

If an account code or program is missing or if the transaction needs to be split across multiple accounts/programs, just leave us a comment in the comments section of the task. Your organization will also have the opportunity to adjust account codes and program tracking categories as necessary during any monthly budget update or approval process.

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