Revenue and expenses

​How to submit receipts to ArtsPool

ArtsPool receives notices of any non-cash transactions through direct feeds from your bank, credit card, etc. directly into the accounting system. Methods of receipt submission. There are three ways…

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Managing petty cash

What is petty cash? Petty cash is considered all cash that is withdrawn from the bank account and all expenses paid for using that cash. While it is possible to treat all cash on hand (e.g. cash rece…

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Submitting bank deposits

via GIPHY. It's important to deposit checks and cash your organization receives as soon as possible and report the deposits to ArtsPool so we can make sure that your current financial picture is as c…

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How to code expenses and respond to clarification requests

Expense coding. This is based on your organization's chart of accounts and Program and Activity tracking. For clarity on sending in receipts and further coding tips check out Suggested Titles, Descri…

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Requesting payment for a bill

Bill submission. As an ArtsPool policy, payment processing can take up to 3 business days to complete. Please keep that timeline in mind when submitting bills. Whether you receive a bill by mail or e…

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Xero-compatible check stock

If you want ArtsPool to generate PDF checks for you, you will need to purchase Xero-compatible check stock for the best results. Check stock from other sources will work but there are instances where…

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