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In the event that an employer is not able to verify the I-9 document in person on the first day of work (for example, when an employee is working remotely in a different state), the employee can provide the I-9 document for verification by uploading the IDs to BeyondPay.

See the USCIS website for information on acceptable Form I-9 documents - either 1 document from List A, or 1 document each from List B and List C.
  1. First, go to the My Personal Info bubble, and click My Profile
  1. In your profile, scroll down to the very bottom for the Employee Document box.
  1. Click on the + Add option at the top right corner of the box and the following window will pop up.
  1. Once you Choose the I-9 document to upload, additional fields will appear. In the Document Type dropdown, pick I-9 Documents.
  1. Click on the UPLOAD button in the pop-up window to upload your ID, and you are all set!
For info on adding a new I-9 form, see Submitting I-9 in BeyondPay.

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