Funding and vendor portals supported by ArtsPool

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ArtsPool assists members in completing and maintaining the following funding and vendor portals:

  • System for Award Management (
  • NY State Grants Gateway
  • NY Statewide Financial Systems (SFS)
  • HHS Accelerator
  • NY City Payee Information Portal (PIP)
  • NY City PASSport
  • DataArts
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • GuideStar by Candid

With all of these portals, the member is responsible for providing programmatic information and confirming compliance-related information requested by the portal.

At this time, we do not support any other portals. If you would like to request that ArtsPool support additional portals, please let your service team members know and it will be conveyed to the Operations Team and/or Committee for consideration.

As always, ArtsPool is happy to provide any needed materials and are available to answer any applicable questions around your organization's regulatory compliance.

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