Dashboard: Understanding My Forms

The My Forms box on the Dashboard allows you to access different employment forms needed during onboarding.

In the My forms box, you have access to the following three items:

If your organization does not offer direct deposit, the option will not be available to you.
  1. Form W4s/State Withholding: this option takes you to your completed tax forms, and allows you to submit new forms if your tax withholdings needs to be updated. Follow the Submitting W4 and State Withholding Forms in BeyondPay article to submit a new form.
  2. Form I9s: from here you can submit your Form I-9 for employment and identity verification. This is required when you are first hired as an employee. To complete a Form I-9, follow the Submitting I-9 in BeyondPay article.
  3. My Direct Deposits: this will allow you to add new direct deposit accounts, review and/or edit current direct deposits. To set one up, follow the instructions provided in this Submitting Direct Deposit Info in BeyondPay article.

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